"The World just needs Jesus!"

"For if by one man's offence death reigned by one; much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, JESUS CHRIST."(Romans 5:17)

Kari and I are in the FL Keys for some relaxation. A little geographical lesson for those of you that are not that familiar with the Keys. Key West is 0 mile marker and its 100 miles to Key Largo which, to my knowledge is the last key before the mainland. We are staying about 1/2 way between Key West and Miami. I think it's 154 miles from Key West to Miami, we are at the 80 mile marker. This afternoon after I took Kari out to some coral reefs for some snorkeling we went to Key West for dinner at the Conch Republic and some shopping. We were in a shop and Kari saw a shirt that, according to her, I just had to have, so while I was trying it on, Kari was talking to the nice young lady attendant from the Ukraine. As the conversation continued, the subject of how long we've been married came up. The young lady asked how long we had been married, Kari responded, almost 32 years. The very nice young lady told Kari that she didn't even look 32 and what's the secret of a marriage that last that long. Kari's answer was easy and to the point, GOD!! Life was created by God, redeemed by His Son Jesus and it will not work without Him. We then went to our car and started making our way out of Key West. We stopped at a 24/7 to get some water for the ride back to Islamorada. Kari went in the store while I stayed outside and started a conversation with the backpackers and homeless people. I enjoy talking to people, listening to their stories. (even if they are make believe) Raymond or Ray Ray as his home boys were calling him was a typical backpacker, flip flops, backpack and very tan. As you can imagine we had a very interesting conversation, we talked about cars, I left him with a "God Bless You"! I began the 80 mile drive back to our resort, Ms Kari drifted off to sleep, I began to think about the cross section of people God has allowed us to meet and how many we have been able to tell that Jesus is the only hope of peace. Thought about Ray Ray who will bed down somewhere tonight and the girl from the old country that works 7/12's to pay rent, her loneliness because she has no family here and all her questions about our family. Kari and I just love all people, we can't help it, we just do!! We love to share Jesus with them because He is the only HOPE for any of us. Jesus is the very simple answer to all of our troubles, loneliness, hurts, confusion, struggles- THE SIMPLE ANSWER IS JESUS, share Him today, it will change your life.

I Believe,
Scott Boatner

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