"A word from our Ministries in India"

Beloved and loving Brother in Christ Apostle Scott&Kari
this is your Jashpaul from India .how are you all and we are praying
fro you you all and Gods House friends.we did some meetings here as we
do every year of the April .as god gave vision to reaching the people
with gospel that leads us to go to the eternal life.we
baptized people and preached to many here in the meetings here .and
we could able to
give food to the poor .the first of night of meetings some one in our
village has suicide him self , so we are asked to stop the meeting.then
2nd day we continued.and our van is doing good.please keep on pray for
us here .we are going through the very extreme sun heat in our places
and every time electricity off and off..we thank you a lot to all of
you for praying for us and supporting to this ministry.we love you all
and we will continue to pray for you all,i do remember the last time
meatings was done very well with much crowd and also we are specilly
blessed by the pastor SCOTT and Daniel's coming to india and preaching
in the meatings and teaching to the pastors here.brother i still
remember what you spoke among the pastors teaching about the holy
spirt and his purpose and his appearance in old testment and
newtestment.God bless you my brother with good health and long life to
do more for the kingdom of god.we really honor you again for the
taking the risk and vauble time and money you spent to come india.and
speciall thaks to gods house there and all the good friends.please
continue to pray for us and ministry here.by the please pray here we
are going through the very very extreme sun heat and the other side
electricity power off and on.rarely few hours only.no enough sleeps.we
received the last monthly support and extra fund that some one donated
from gods house. .
your loving brother from India
pastor JashPaul

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Scott Boatner