"Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted."(Matthew 5:4)

"Today we Mourn". Once again our hearts ache with the pain of loss and sorrow! We mourn the loss of children because in an instant they were taken away from their families so needlessly. They were sent to school, just like any other day, to learn, to be educated so they could grow up to be mature adults. As a parent, I can't even begin to imagine how the parents of those precious children must have felt when they heard the news of yet another "school shooting" and the waiting to hear that it was one of their very own that had been brutally murdered for no reason. It is beyond my comprehension, how someone could commit such an evil act against innocent children. As a Minister of The Gospel of Grace, I pray for God's Grace to help the families through this nightmare of terror!! The Apostle Paul spoke Grace and Peace to the churches he wrote to in the New Testament and we speak Grace and Peace to you today. We pray that the promise of Jesus Christ to "comfort those that mourn" will come quickly into your hearts. At the risk of sounding shallow or cliche, I'm sorry for the sudden and tragic loss of your sweet precious babies. One day soon, Jesus Christ will reign on earth in Righteousness and put an end to such evil. Our schools should be safe houses but in an instant they have become houses of terror. May God rid our schools of this insanity!!! Jesus, Please protect our babies!! Psalm 91

Scott L. Boatner

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Scott Boatner