"My Family and our years of Ministry"

"Whereunto I am appointed a preacher, and an apostle, and a teacher of the Gentiles."(2 Timothy 1:11)

"A Preacher". I'm sitting in the dark in my bed in a motel in somewhere, America. In the other bed is my youngest son, Micah Joseph Boatner, born 8-17-87. The lights are off because he's asleep. The only light in the room is my I-Pad. I've written several devotions for the blogs, a few pages in some books I'm working on and I've counseled several people via email that needed some confidential biblical guidance. As I sit here writing, my Spirit is drawn to pray for my sons. My oldest son is Matthew Scott Boatner, born 8-23-82, they are both such a blessing in our lives. Ms Kari, my lovely wife, loves our sons beyond measure. I could have searched the world over a million times or more and not found a wife that loves my sons as much as she does, Thx Jesus!! (Micah means "He who is like Jehovah" and Matthew means "Gift of God"). We also love the young ladies they chose as their wives, our daughter-n-loves, Allison and Jodi. These two wonderful families have given us three amazing grandsons. (William Matthew, John Scott and Joseph Micah Boatner) As I sit here I'm remembering all the nights we've spent in motels together traveling preaching the Gospel. If Kari and I had a dollar for every church service our sons have attended without complaint, we could take that vacation we so desperately need. The years of pressing our bodies beyond measure to reach the world with the Word have taken their toll on our bodies but our Spirits are more willing than ever to serve in the Kingdom of God. Kari and I often look back over the years of ministry, we are very aware that there are some details of the journey we wished we had done differently but as a whole we have no regrets. Kari and I have been in the ministry since Matthew was born, I surrendered to preach the Gospel in the first church service that Matthew ever attended. He was 17 days old, Kari was in the hospital 13 days bringing Matthew into the world, I almost lost her, but as usual, God came to the rescue!! We were having a revival at the church we attended and on Thursday night of the meeting, September 9th of 1982, we went as a family and I became a Preacher of the Gospel. At that moment in time, I really had no idea what that meant but I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that I had obeyed God. We have traveled a lot of miles for Jesus preaching the Gospel and the verse above has come to pass. I've preached countless times via many churches, venues and media outlets. I've taught the word more times than I can count and now a group of Gospel Pioneers that are preaching the Gospel to the 1.2 billion people in India refer to me as their Apostle, (A title they gave me). We, as a family, are very excited about God's future plans for the Boatner family. We anticipate Scott Boatner Ministries International shaking the nations of the world with the Gospel of the Kingdom before the Coming of The Lord!! The journey continues, God is good and we believe there is more before us than behind us. Please believe with us for a mighty harvest for the Glory of God.

Scott L. Boatner
Psalm 91

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Scott Boatner