"The lepers are cleansed"

"The blind receive their sight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them."(Matthew 11:5)

"the lepers are cleansed" Did you know that there are millions of lepers in the world today? It's not something that you hear about very often but it's a disease that is still in the earth today. There are over a 1000 leper colonies in India, several scattered around the world in such places as Louisiana and Hawaii, USA. These are technically closed but still house several lepers that just have no where to go, so they will live out their lives in the seclusion of old leper colonies. It's Christmas Day here in America and we are celebrating the Birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ!! We have festivities of all kind that include big meals with our families, exchanging gift, fireworks and church services. One of our ministries during this time of year is to provide children with Christmas gifts because their parents are not able to buy them for their children due to circumstances beyond their control. Most of you that follow our ministry know that I oversee several Pastors and Churches in India, a very unique, diverse and mysterious country. India is not a Christian nation so Christmas is not celebrated so our Pastors use December 25th as an opportunity to minister the love of Jesus Christ. The God's House Church Family here in the states provide financial offerings to enable the God's House-India Churches to have an outreach called "Jesus Day"! On December 25th, Jesus Day, the Pastors go out and give Bibles, blankets, food, clothes, etc.. to the poor, orphans, widows and lepers. This year they are going to emphasize ministering to the lepers. They are going to dress their wounds and pray for God to heal their bodies, but most of all they will tell them about Jesus Christ. Our sermons are watched in many countries and our written devotions are read in many countries around the world on a daily basis. We are attempting to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As you enjoy the blessings of God with family and friends today, I humbly ask that you say a prayer for those in the world that need Jesus!! We are a very blessed people, but to fulfill the "GREAT COMMISSION" we must learn to bless others. Please enjoy your blessings today but please be aware that we are called to share our love and lives with other people.

I Believe,
Scott L. Boatner

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Scott Boatner