People are watching.....

As Christians we need to be aware of the fact that people are observing our lives. If we are true to our faith in Christ we shouldn't need the general public to watch us to keep us on our spiritual toes but we are human. Salvation doesn't eliminate humanity out of our lives so we need to allow the power of the Holy Spirit to guide us on our faith journey!! We must always be aware that our highest accountability is to God.
I shared a story on Facebook about a young lady working in a store that recognized me as a Preacher several miles from my home town. It is true that we need to live our faith at all times. The first time that happened to me was around 1990 in a mall in Asheville, NC. Someone walked up to me and said, "You're that Preacher I see on TV", I'm like, "excuse me"? I was thinking, I can't even hardly afford to buy a cheap television, much less afford to buy time slots on TV. The person was very sure it was me so we just let it go and walked away. It was a good laugh, then we discovered that I was on TV, not only in North Carolina but several states. At the time we were traveling and preaching in a lot of churches, one of which that did have a TV Ministry. I knew they taped me, sold the videos to raise money for various ministries but had no idea that I was being aired in several states. In 1999 our ministry sponsored a crusade involving several churches, it was taped and aired on several Christian Cable channels in several states. Over a year later, we were in Olive Garden in one of the states it was aired in and a server says, "You're that Preacher on TV", I responded, "I have been, but it was over a year ago in this area". She replies, "O' no, you were on last week", I said, "Well it was a re-run"!! The moral of these stories are, we shouldn't take ourselves to serious but we need to be very serious about our Savior, Jesus Christ. As Paul said, we are letters, read of men. When people read your letter, what are they reading about your life? They are reading you, whether you want them to or not, let's give them some good reading material. BTW, you can always start the letter over, it's called a new beginning in Jesus.

"Ye are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all men:"(2 Corinthians 3:2)

I Believe,
Scott L. Boatner