Refugee Plan!!!

I have located a place the refugees can be housed, fed, etc.... The White House has 132 rooms and 35 bathrooms or so I'm told but close enough to house several thousand. Each person that makes up Congress has an apartment or home with extra rooms I'm sure, our tax dollars at work, so they each can take a few in to take care of until they get on their feet. I think it's an awesome opportunity for our leaders to demonstrate the love they so eagerly expect us to share. But in proper context this is not about love but about the safety of our children, senior citizens, our country and all that we hold sacred!!! America is the most charitable nation on earth!! After each war the USA helps rebuild the nation it delivers from some tyrant but somehow we are the infidels of the earth!! If we are so awful why does everyone want to come here, just curious?
I could be wrong but it appears that our commander in chief is enabling this war because he refuses to call it what it is and constantly makes excuses for Islamic Terrorist. Mr President, Sir, If I'm wrong I humbly ask your forgiveness!
Mr President, Madam First Lady, Senators and Representatives, please by all means take the refugees in on your nickel and into your homes because the average working American is basically overloaded at the moment. It's time for you to pull your share of the load!!!
God Bless America!!!!

I Believe,
Scott L. Boatner