"Get out of my House"!!

Picture this; Jesus is walking along the street and a man runs up to Him, falls at His feet and says, my only daughter is dying!!! His name is Jairus, he pleads with Jesus to come quickly to his house so they begin the journey. Have you ever needed Jesus immediately in a time of crisis? On their way a sick women interrupts their walk by touching Jesus and He stops because He feels the faith of this sick woman cause healing in her body. Please be aware that this lady has been sick for 12 years, the young girl is dying so they could have healed her later but Jesus stops to minister to her anyway. While this is happening a messenger comes and tells the girl's daddy that his ONLY daughter is dead!!! Instantly Jesus makes this statement; "Fear not: Believe only and she shall be made whole." I don't know about you but I would have a hard time with this whole situation because my baby has to come first..... Please notice that Jesus doesn't pray a prayer but rather tells the dad to "Fear not"! Please don't act like you would be all calm because we would NOT!!! Finally the journey gets underway, they get to the house and everyone in the community is there in full emotion at the speed of light. Jesus told them that she would be fine but they went from wailing to laughing in a religious split second. O' how we can be so spiritual and do a complete turnaround when needed to stay in time with our religion. What does Jesus do? He puts them all out because their DOUBT is having a negative influence on the Spirit. Doubt is a Faith Buster, so tell it to GO!!! (Mark 5:22-43, Luke 8:41-56)
The next time you are hit with news that turns you upside down emotionally, speak to the doubt, tell it to go and stand in FAITH!!! Jesus doesn't worry, fear or doubt, we are joint heirs with Him so we cannot worry, fear or doubt if we want the same results He experienced!!!

I Believe,
Scott L. Boatner