"A Token for Good for You"

It is the desire of my heart, the cry of my spirit and my prayer before God that each one of you would be blessed with a "Token for Good" today from our Heavenly Father!!! "Shew me a TOKEN FOR GOOD; that they which hate me may see it, and be ashamed: because thou, LORD, hast holpen me, and comforted me."(Psalm 86:17). I pray this prayer for you that read our devotions, watch our sermons on the internet and basically enable the Ministry that God has established in our lives! Kari and I are humbled by your friendship. We do not take you for granted and we believe that God's Word teaches that He wants to bless you in every area of your life!!! The Bible teaches that God wants to give you salvation, salvation for your families, peace, protection, promotion and prosperity that will propel you into God's purpose for you. Father, open the "Gates of God" and release tokens for good today on your people right now, In Jesus Name, AMEN!!!

"Settle for more, Success breeds Success"!! (Megyn Kelly)

We Believe,
Scott and Kari Boatner
Psalm 91:1-16