"I can do"

"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."
(Philippians 4:13)

"I can do" Most of the time we read this verse in the Spirit of defense, after we've been attacked by some negative event that challenges us. What about using this verse in an offensive context? After all it's the offense that puts the points on the score board. We spend most of our lives in the defensive state of mind. We are always reacting to something instead of creating the initial action. You know, cause and effect, we are always reacting to something the enemy has hit us with. Why don't we start the day by declaring the cause, taking action to get our day off on the right foot. Let's get ahead of the curve by allowing the Word of God to control our Mind, Emotions and Spirit when we start our day. If we choose to leave the house and start our day without arming up with the Peace and Power of God, then we can only react because we have set ourselves up in the position of defense. We automatically loose the coin toss by choosing to play an out of balance game by only playing defense. We may manage to hold on to what we have but we never gain any ground. It's not likely that the defensive players will score points, unless the other team makes a mistake and I wouldn't risk my future on someone else's mistake. Train your mind to begin speaking the Word at the very second you are awake in the morning. To keep from waking your spouse, keep it silent and simple. "The Lord is my Shepard..."
(Ps. 23) Just commit some verses to memory, Ps 23, The Lords prayer, our devotional verse for today and when you wake up start whispering verses to put yourself on the offense. To start the day on the offense means that you have the ball and can make something happen. I call it "Can Do Christianity", you can do whatever you believe you can do. If you believe, you can achieve!! In the Name of Jesus, lets make something happen today.

I Believe,
Scott Boatner / Shalom