"Some Gave All"

Do you know why we have a 3 day weekend this particular weekend every year? It is a very happy joyous occasion for most families but not for all. I'm sorry to say that this weekend brings back the memory to many that lost a loved one that "GAVE ALL" for our country to give us the freedom we have today. It is the special day of the year that we remember those that have lost their lives defending the freedoms we enjoy every day. One of the most amazing yet spine chilling memories I have is at The Plattsburg Cemetery during the burial service of Johnny Hare. (July 27, 1952 - November 28, 1971) He lost his life in Vietnam serving his country, our country!! The sound of the firing of the rifles by the Honor Guard Team on that sad yet honorable day is forever etched in my mind. I assure you that I will never forget!!! He was a few years older than me but nevertheless he and my older cousins let me tag along as we occupied ourselves, usually around Boatner's Grocery. He was known to us as "Fuzz", which was his nickname. We spent a lot of our days around the store re-inventing old games to keep ourselves busy. It never crossed our youthful minds that one day Johnny and my first cousin Randall Boatner would be drafted to go to war. I have many fond memories of those days and today I honor Johnny for his sacrifice, he left a boy but died like a man for the citizens of the free world. We must not forget nor allow our children to forget the price of freedom. Johnny Hare didn't come home to his family and friends but he lives in our hearts till this day. Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. It is a day that we remember those "WHO GAVE ALL", the ultimate sacrifice for our country. The American way of life has come at a high price, please don't forget the ones that paid that price for us.

God Bless America,
Scott and Kari Boatner
Psalm 91