Neshoba County Fair 2016

On Sunday , July 24'th at 9:30 am I will be preaching at the pavilion!!
I humbly ask for your prayers and attendance, if at all possible. This is a very unique venue and opportunity so please join us for worship!!!
A special Thank You to the Fair Board for this opportunity that has been given to me for many years now and many years to come. The fact the we can gather in the same public place, same time for no other reason than to "Lift Jesus up" is a privilege and honor we must not take lightly!! I personally consider it a honor for which I'm forever grateful. Please pray for us, join us and share this with all your friends!!!
May God Bless each and every one of you as you journey through life!!

Peace, Love and Protection to all!!!
Bro Scott L. Boatner
Psalm 91