Have we been silent too long?

"The Sound of Silence"

"And no one dare
Disturb the sound of silence"

"Fools," said I, "you do not know
Silence like a cancer grows
Hear my words that I might teach you
Take my arms that I might reach you."
But my words like silent raindrops fell"

Does anyone hear us or have we become silent raindrops? Have we become an echo in a dark room, where there is no light?

"and the people bowed and prayed,
to the neon gods they had made!"

We sat quietly while righteousness was removed from our public schools and worse yet replaced by the philosophy of the gods of this world!! "

On June 25, 1962, the United States Supreme Court decided in Engel v. Vitale that a prayer approved by the New York Board of Regents for use in schools violated the First Amendment because it represented establishment of religion."

Paul Simon wrote this song in 1963 while he sat in his dark bathroom because it had tile floors which created an echo chamber effect. The darkness helped him concentrate as he played in the dark.

As we play in the dark, do we reflect enough light to see our way out of the darkness? Is it possible that those that are gifted in the arts to be prophetic and accurate??

"the words of the Prophets are written on the subway walls"

Have we become as ineffective as graffiti on a wall in the subway or do we have the supernatural power within that will cause the mountains to move, the heavens to shake......

Should we keep our heads in the sand and simply display patriotism when the songs of God and Country are sung or should we be counted as Patriots? There is a vast difference in being patriotic and being a Patriot! I'm glad the founding fathers were Patriots and not just Patriotic!! The Founding Fathers made a choice, stood their ground and stayed their course!!! I strongly suggest we do the same!!!

I Believe,
Scott L. Boatner