Christmas Ministry update from India

We received this letter from our lead Pastor of the 40 Pastor Ministry Team in India. As most of you know we have a growing ministry in the jungles of Southeastern India. God's House sponsors evangelistic out reaches during the Christmas season to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost in India.

beloved and respected Apostle Scott and Kari
greetings and love from India God's House and Scott Boatner ministry are you all and your family .we been praying for you all and our good and kind friends in the God's House Church. I was busy last ten days in the ministry with one of my friend and we preached and we did baptize the people.sir we recieved the wire number ,so we will pick up the money.we thank you all whose hands are joined in this to reaching people with love of Jesus in this Christmas season.we have busy ,please pray schedule ahead of us,pray for the ministry here as we go forward in doing meetings and meeting the people and leporsy and orphans and beggers and some other programes,please pray we will move with spirit of love and power to bring joy of Jesus Christ (Christmas) and bringing Glory to Lord Jesus Christ..
love you all and praying for you all and Merry Christmas to you all
your brother in Christ
in His Harvest faithfully
Pastor JashPaul....
from Pastor

Scott Boatner